Other countries.

Buddhist statues at Wat Pho, one covered, one not. Bangkok.

The colours of houses enclosing a Buddhist Stupa in a local square, Patan, Nepal.

Passing street art in Ha Noi. A thriving scene has begun and new works are up everyday. Ha Noi.

Masks for sale, Patan, Nepal.

Courtyard, Patan. Nepal.

St Josephs Cathedral shot from a window of a nearby cafe. Ha Noi.

Table with a view of West Lake (Tay Ho) Ha Noi.

Taipei 101. Taipei.

Red Sail of a Junk with Hong Kong Skyline in the distance. Hong Kong.

Sgt Dan, a local landmark reflected in a rain puddle, Gore. New Zealand.

Audrey Hepburn and friends.Melbourne.

Apartments. Taipei.

Ha Noi.

Prayer Flags near Jomsom, Nepal.

Sunset, The Himalayas. Nepal.