Shoes drying in Nagasaki.

Confucian Temple, reflections of the courtyard and writings on a window. Nagasaki.

Kyoto Tower as seen from the roof of Kyoto Train Station, framed between air vents. Kyoto.

Tori and Cranes…Japanese Culture on show… Kyoto.

Temple Door. Nagasaki.

Mt Fuji through a condensation affected window, sunset, Tokyo.

Gion Matsuri… a parade, Kyoto.

Ueno Station. Tokyo.

One Legged Tori..survivor of the Atomic Blast of 45. Nagasaki.

Autumn leaves and reflections in a Bird Bath , in a cemetery , Nagasaki.

Pikachu. Nara Dreamland. Nara.

1000 Tori.. Fushimi Inari. Kyoto.